Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Journalistic Integrity in the Blogosphere

Blogs are really big these days. Until recently, mainstream media has always had a monopoly on information -- blogs have changed that. Now virtually anyone with a computer can broadcast their ideas to the world. It's an unprecedented level of expressive freedom, and in many ways blogs have supplanted mainstream media as a supplier of information.

Is this a good thing?

Consider the case of Mr. Av^d*r, the Minnesota anti-PRT activist. He has a history of lying and deception, regularly committing journalistic offenses that would get him fired from any self-respecting news organization, and yet he continues to be a major presence in the Minneapolis corner of the blogosphere. Why? Because otherwise respectable blogs like Lloydletta and DumpBachmann continue to give him a voice.

Lloydletta and DumpBachmann were both created by Eva Young. Over the years they've built a following and gained in respectability, to the point where they've even caught the eye of mainstream media.

Yet, Mr. Av^d*r, a known liar and admitted fraud, is still allowed to post at will, at both DB and Lloydletta. Eva Young has admitted that she is aware of his deceptions, but is this enough for her to remove him as an editor? Apparently not.

Why does Eva continue to allow this one editor to compromise the integrity of her blogs? We get a hint here:

"Av^d*r... told me he was Ned Luddington***... Ken is a volunteer, and has done excellent work at Lloydletta and Dump Bachmann..."

*** For details on Av^d*r's "Luddington" deception, see this

So, if I am to read this correctly, Eva is claiming that (a) she knows that Av^d*r created and maintained the fraudulent "Luddington" sock puppet for over a year, and (b) that's OK, because he's working for free!

And just what is it that Av^d*r contributes to Lloydletta and DB, other than his anti-Green, anti-PRT propaganda? As far as I can tell, the sum total of his contribution is the occasional Photoshop hack and some video of Bachmann in public, like this groundbreaking video of Bachmann twiddling her thumbs.

So, a few amateurish video shorts and Photoshop hacks -- this, apparently, is the price of Eva Young's journalistic integrity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap, I lost to some guy with astericks for a name. So, I'm pissed.

Let me shoot some fish in a barrel.


Like the identity of ATE, Atren (that's SO cool), or even A Transportation Enthusiast. Maybe I'll start my own blog tonight analyzing all this wanker's posts on the many blogs he haunts with his inane flatulence. Can flatulence be inane or only foul? I digress.

How old are you really? Is senility or puberty? What do you think of Tyra Banks? Jessica Simpson? Mae West? Nude celebrity sites? TELL US PLEASE. We are hanging on your every fucking word.

The tea is almost steeped. It goes so well with Swisher Sweets and David Letterman.

Later, ATE.

subcommandte Tr****

9/20/2006 11:47 PM  
Blogger A Transportation Enthusiast said...

"We are hanging on your every fucking word."

{blush} You flatter me! :-D

9/21/2006 3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irony is so often wasted on the slow.

Emoticons, the last refuge of the verbally challenged.

Enjoy the mocha!


9/21/2006 9:49 AM  
Blogger Mr_Grant said...

Whoa, looks like Joe Sixpack (I'm guessing) had a meltdown! Deploy spittle-guard!

9/21/2006 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Mr_Grant said...

I'm perplexed. Ovipore linked to this blog, but must have hit the Enter button too soon because all his comment read was "Nuff said".

WHO is this Nuff person? WHAT did Nuff say? Or is it an acronym--National Union of Feeble Fantasies? Is that the sooper-secret organization that whispers in his ear about the PRT scam?

9/22/2006 1:48 PM  
Blogger A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Your guess is as good as mine. I seriously doubt it's the National Uterine Fibroids Foundation - they don't seem to have an official position on PRT - but who knows? Maybe that organization once rented space in the same building as Taxi2000! That would make them a prime suspect in the Vast Anti-Transit Conspiracy!

("NUFF: stand up and deny any involvement with PRT, or you will be branded a pod-promoter!")

9/22/2006 6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am intimately involved with PRT.

I exist in the netherworld. And you live in a hell hole wishing.


Onion Wing

9/23/2006 2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9/23/2006 2:24 AM  
Blogger Ned Luddington said...

Putting the PRT myth to rest for good

"Like gold standard crazies, intelligent design ideologues and cold-fusion enthusiasts, Personal Rapid Transit nuts see something the rest of the world doesn't see and think they are visionaries as a result. Since there is no "true" PRT system anywhere in the world for these people to spend all day riding around in, they spend their time comment-spamming blogs like ours. A similar blog, publictransit.us, had enough of it and decided to fact-check the PRT claims. They found claims of systems that don't exist and studies that were never conducted.

I think that pretty much ends the discussion."

9/24/2006 2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I won big betting against the Bills. They were 6 point favorites and lost to the Jets by 8! Can you tell me where I can invest my winnings?

Onion Wing

9/24/2006 5:27 PM  
Blogger A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Here we go again: "Ned Luddington" (an Avidor sock puppet) quoting "rj3" (another Avidor sock puppet) hurling Avidor's hate speech at PRT. Is this the best you can do, "Ned"? Quoting yourself quoting yourself quoting yourself? There's more loops in that argument than in the newest Cedar Point roller coaster!

And why don't you take a look at publictransit.us? No PRT content there anymore. Why are they no longer speaking out against PRT? Could it be that they knew they had no technical argument against the technology? Remember the Wikipedia debates where the publictransit guys admitted that they had NO technical anti-PRT argument, only regulatory (i.e. POLITICAL) arguments?

If PRT is such a scam, why hasn't anyone "debunked" it? If the Light Rail Now report is so compelling, why does the author refuse to identify him/herself? You'd think that the author who supposedly disproved the concept of PRT would be proud to identify himself, right? Or is the author simply too humiliated to be identified with such a hack job?

Or maybe the author is you? Did you write the Cyberspace Dream report, Ken? I wouldn't be surprised, given that it's filled with deceptions and propaganda...

9/24/2006 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's about time for a new post. don't u think, ATE?


9/24/2006 11:02 PM  
Blogger Mr_Grant said...

A disciple of the Knight Who Says Nuff doesn't like emoticons?

9/26/2006 3:51 PM  

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