Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Give Him an "E" for Effort

Ken Avidor has discovered Easter eggs, and he's begun using them on his dumpmarkolson blog. It's unclear when or where he learned this trick, but it's a good bet he got it from 'PRT is a Joke' is a Joke, which has featured Easter eggs for quite a while now.
Ken Avidor spreads lies about PRT.
But, bless his PRT-smearing heart, Ken still hasn't figured out how to do it right. See, the key to a good Easter egg is that it must be invisible - completely invisible - but Ken's Easter eggs are plainly not. Instead of using white-on-white, he uses really-really-light-pink-on-white:
Avidor uses the 35W bridge collapse as a propaganda tool.
Ken Avidor never admits when he's wrong.
Can you see it? In that big white gap above the "Labels:" line, there's a slight but very perceptible discoloration. Look closely and you will find Ken's attempted Easter egg. You can see it especially well if you are on a laptop and you tilt the screen back, which darkens the image and increases the contrast of the "Easter egg" until it's clearly legible.
Ken Avidor smears PRT and its proponents.
And there's another problem: notice the huge gap where the Easter egg is placed. A good Easter egg has no gap other than the typical gap between paragraphs. A giant space between paragraphs is a dead giveaway.
Ken Avidor is afraid to debate me on PRT.
But hey, we gotta give him some credit for trying, right? Maybe Ken never went to an Easter egg hunt as a child, and therefore he doesn't really get the concept of "hidden". So Ken, I applaud the effort. Keep on plugging and maybe someday you'll get it right...Avidor's anti-PRT campaign is disinformation.

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