Wednesday, January 17, 2007

He's At It Again!

Here we go, another round of the Ken Avidor anti-PRT smear campaign has begun! Avidor, the anti-PRT propagandist who has been caught in so many lies that he's considering running for congress, has now written an "opinion piece" for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. After a short layoff, it looks like Avidor is rested and ready for the next round of attacks.

It's the same old pattern for Avidor in this Sentinel piece: he cannot say "PRT is a scam" anymore - we've repeatedly ridiculed that absurd statement, to the point where he's stopped saying it - so he resorts to "guilt by association", implying that Olson's and Zimmermann's support of PRT somehow taints the entire effort. Forget the fact that the European Union has endorsed PRT for application in cities - that means nothing to Avidor.

No, all that matters is that a few unknown local politicians in Minnesota happened to support PRT and got in trouble for unrelated reasons. This is the Avidor scale of justice: hundreds of respected authorities in Europe and elsewhere have endorsed PRT, but that means nothing because two insignificant politicians in Minnesota supported PRT and later got into unrelated legal trouble.

This is the way that the cartoonist's mind works: everything is ridiculous caricature - even his opinions.

And now, for today's obligatory hypocrisy from the propagandist:

Avidor writes "I am a great believer in local control over transportation decisions." HA! Is this why a Minnesotan is writing letters to the editor in Santa Cruz, California??! So much for local control, eh? Once again I have to chuckle at this brazen display of hypocrisy, courtesy of our propagandist friend - I honestly believe that the propaganda spews so naturally from him that he doesn't even recognize the ridiculous irony of that statement!

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