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Ken Avidor's Longtime Friend Caught with Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Cards

So everyone's heard by now how Ken Avidor's long time friend and blogging partner Mark Knapp was charged with aggravated identity theft for using credit cards obtained in another man's name.

There are so many hilarious ironies to this event that I had a hard time selecting which to write about. Most of the good quips have already been made: "the guilt-by-association king has guilty associations!", "Zimmermann is looking forward to having a fellow Green as a cellmate", and my personal favorite: "Green Party Gone Bad!"

The last, of course, is a reference to the blog, "greenpartygonebad.blogspot.com" that Mark Knapp and Ken Avidor shared right up until Ken apparently took it down when Knapp went fugitive. Can you imagine the scene at Avidor's computer that day, as he frantically tried to purge all his associations with Knapp? I imagine it was like those movie scenes when the cops arrive for a drug bust, and a drug dealer frantically flushes his stash down the toilet.

Ken Avidor flushing Knapp down the toilet. Now there's an amusing visual.

So anyway, I was looking for an different angle on this hilarious development, and I started thinking about Ken Avidor, the self-styled investigative reporter who claims to have "exposed the PRT scam". Ken Avidor, who thinks "LIM" is a PRT company, when it is actually a type of electric motor. Ken Avidor, who looked at a 10 year old satellite photo of ULTra PRT's test track site and claimed it had been bullozed (hint: the photo was taken before the track was built).

Yes, we've all had fun watching Avidor's sometimes bumbling, always inaccurate, "investigations" through the years. But with the Knapp revelation, Avidor took bumbling to a new level. Think about it: the whole time Avidor was investigating all the so-called "crooks and liars" of the PRT world, his best friend and blog partner was allegedly using stolen credit cards, and Avidor never even noticed!

So when they went out to dinner and Knapp was always picking up the check, wouldn't you think Avidor would get suspicious? Where was this luddite Green getting all this spending money? And why was he signing his credit slips "Mr. Nussbaum"?

No, Avidor didn't notice, and I'm not surprised in the least. I mean, if he can't even understand the concept of a dated satellite photo, is he ever going to grasp a high tech crime like identity theft? Of course not. So when I read that Avidor claimed he had no idea about Knapp, I believed him 100%. I'll even testify on his behalf if he wants me to, that's how convinced I am of Avidor's complete lack of skill as an investigative reporter.

Now, given that he didn't know about Knapp's criminal behavior beforehand, I started wondering what it looked like when Avidor finally found out. I think this photo captures it perfectly:



I just received this email from Ken:

Michael Carrato,

You have made serious, false and defamatory statements concerning me in this blog post:


You may be liable for spreading false and misleading information about an ongoing criminal investigation.

The authorities have been contacted. You may want to consult an attorney.

Jeez, here I am, sticking my neck out, telling the world that I believe that Avidor knew nothing of Knapp's alleged wrongdoing, and what do I get in return? Avidor threatens me! No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

And no, I won't be contacting my lawyer.

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Blogger Mr_Grant said...


Snarky comment 1-

Do I have this right- Ken is vehemently denying that he had no idea about Knapp? Oh man, after all these years and Weiner Watch gets the big scoop!

Snarky comment 2-

Of course he didn't know. Ken also thinks Tweets are private.

Snarky image-enhanced comment 3-

I was thinking the look on his face was like this self-portrait.

Snarky comment 4-

What "authorities" would he contact? The truant officer? "Hello, there's this 17 year old named Chris in Tonawanda who's on the interweb embarrassing me instead of going to school. Yes, I'll hold."

Snarky comment 5-

If Ken was a real artist, he would do a comic book about this. Hey, maybe after that it will be a movie, and 'Cho' from The Mentalist's hands can play my hands typing this right now.

Snarky comment 6-

Maybe these authorities? "Thank you for calling the FBI's Outraged Single-Issue Troll Hotline. Your call may be recorded for training purposes and for our amusement at the FBI Cybercrime Division Potluck later tonight. There are *5,024* calls ahead of you.

1/09/2010 12:35 AM  
Blogger Mr_Grant said...

Self portrait here: http://bit.ly/5P0dz7

1/09/2010 12:37 AM  
Blogger Mr_Grant said...

Snarky comment 7-

Maybe by "authorities" he means "my brain care specialist."

1/09/2010 12:39 AM  
Blogger Mr_Grant said...

You could also have mentioned the times he:

* referred to himself (Ned Luddington) in the third person,

* claimed to be from Alameda,

* said he first learned of PRT in 1989,

* confused Dubai with Kuwait,

* thought Masdar is outside Dubai,

* said he first learned of PRT in 2003,

* claimed there is no PRT project at Heathrow,

* confused Sheikh Issa with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan,

* thinks light rail is a better character reference than Eleanor Roosevelt,

* said he first learned of PRT in 2004,

* wrote "I have proof of everything I say about PRT."

1/09/2010 12:51 AM  
Blogger A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Ah, Mr Grant, once again you show us how many comedic directions Avidor inspires! :-D

My personal favorite is "Hello, there's this 17 year old named Chris in Tonawanda who's on the interweb embarrassing me instead of going to school. Yes, I'll hold."

"Yes, I'll hold!" Pure comedic genius Mr Grant!

Here's more hilarity: over at PRTMoondoggie Ken posted an update with the following demand:

"I urge Mr. Carrato to retract that statement... He should do so publicly on his blog..."

Ummm... isn't that exactly what I did here? You'd think he'd be satisfied, but no. His next update was in response to this blog post:

"Mr. Carrato has posted more false and defamatory statements on his blog..."

There's no pleasing some people. :-)

1/09/2010 6:05 AM  

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